ECG of the Week – 16th July 2018

This ECG is from a 50yr old female who presented with diarrhoea and vomiting on a background of prior paroxysmal AF and anxiety disorder. She takes sotalol and a NOAC. Click to enlarge Things to think about What are the key ECG abnormalities ? What are the differentials for these features ? Powered by WPeMatico

Is there a Right Ventricular MI in addition to Infero-postero-lateral MI?

A 40-something woman had sudden chest pain.  She called 911.  This prehospital ECG was recorded: Here are limb leads: Here are precordial leads: Diagnosis? This is of course diagnostic of an acute coronary occlusion MI (OMI) that also meets STEMI criteria. But which myocardial walls are affected? InferiorPosterior (as manifested with T-wave inversion)Lateral (subtle ST

LITFL Review 339

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Test yourself: how many hours between your diagnosis of OMI and positive STEMI criteria?

Written by Pendell Meyers, with edits by Steve Smith A male in his early 40s presented with intermittent chest/abdominal pain. He admitted to several episodes over the past two days, including one episode several hours prior to presentation, described as severe (8/10), substernal “burning,” non-radiating, associated with diaphoresis, described as “feeling food stuck in my