Month: May 2017

FSU’s Medical Response Unit’s Annual 5K Run

Medic Nerd, Mike Stewart, brought his team out to support Florida State University’s Medical Response Unit during their annual “Run For Your Life 5K” fundraiser event. The MRU, staffed mostly by trained student volunteers, functions as a basic life support and quick response team for medical emergencies across FSU’s campus. For more information about FSU’s Medical

3 Things Paramedics Should Stop Doing.

Paramedics should stop doing these 3 things if they want to deliver better care to their patients.  Check out the podcast to hear all about it!   Show Notes  #1- Stop Using Orthostatic Vital Signs as a Diagnostic Tool Orthostatic Vital Signs Typically obtained by measuring BP with the patient lying, then sitting, and finally

How To Stop Nausea Without Medications

Management of a vomiting patient is typically an unpleasant experience for any provider.  Even if the sight, smell, or sound produced by someone vomiting does not bother you, there is often a particularly foul clean-up process that must occur after treatment has concluded.  However, there is a little-known trick that you can use to stop nausea quickly,

What The Heck Is Racemic Epinephrine?

What The Heck Is Racemic Epinephrine? So there are a few common points of confusion that I have noticed when it comes to epinephrine.  One of them is in regard to the dilution of epinephrine, and the other deals with racemic epinephrine. First, I will attempt to explain what the different dilutions of epinephrine actually mean.

No Hands CPR in 2020?

Healthcare providers around the world were shocked, but accepted “Hands Only CPR”.  A new document, however, reveals an even less aggressive stance on management of cardiac arrest. No Hands CPR in 2020? A recent leaked document has revealed that 2020 guidelines for the management of cardiac arrest will take an entirely “hands off” approach. According to

Talk less, listen more, drop the attitude

Sometimes I just have to scratch the itch and have a rant.  This time the itch is a recurrent one, about radio communication. We have a large number of graduate paramedics starting with Ambulance Victoria this year, so it’s probably a good time to revisit a topic that seems to receive surprisingly little attention in