Month: August 2017

How to Pass the FP-C Exam

How to Pass the FP-C Exam on Your First Attempt Since the launch of Ditch Doc EM, and The Ditch Doc EM Podcast, I have received numerous requests for various article/episode topics.  In fact, I’ve received so many great suggestions, that I have a hard time choosing where to begin.  One of the most common

Yup, I Screwed Up…Now What?

I proved that I am far, very far, from perfect. Get an inside look into my life on a morning when I screwed up and let other people down. I do not enjoy broadcasting my flaws but I want to share with you my strategy for responding to my own mistakes. The post Yup, I

Rapid Prehospital Evolution of STEMI

82 year old male, in good physical shape, stops at a cafe for lunch after cycling for an hour. Witnesses report a syncopal episode lasting approximately 30 seconds. Patient history significant for prior MI requiring 3 stents. No other significant history. Patient denies any CP, SOB, N/V, lightheadedness. In fact, he denies any complaints at