“What Would You Do?” Wednesday – Something Completely Different.

p01gk35dWe’ve been having a good run of #wwydwednesdays lately, but I’ve noticed a pattern.  The past two have been significant blunt-force trauma.  We had a rappel fall/failure, followed by a patient that was kicked by a horse.  Both were good learning experiences, but it’s time to get away from trauma and try something new.  With that being said,

“And now for something completely different.”  (I love Monty Python…)

Imagine this: You’re in the mountains for a ski weekend.  You and some friends and family, with their kids, cross-country skied miles into the backcountry to a mountain lodge, and are now happily ensconced beside a warm fire.  A storm blows in that night, dropping a load of fresh snow, and cutting off your ability to leave.  That’s fine, though; you’ve got plenty of food and gear to last you for several days.

One of the kids has been sick with some respiratory “junk.”  They’re sniffling and sneezing, and seem congested.  Then, that evening before bed, they start coughing.

So, how are you with pediatrics?  What is this?  What are you going to do about it?  What resources and help will you need?  Are you going to evacuate, and if so, how?

I’ll share my answers with you in a few days.  You can share your answers with me either here in the comments, or on twitter using #wwydwednesday.


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Author: Ethan Zook

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