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Just when you thought your brain could unwind on a Friday, you realise that it would rather be challenged with some good old fashioned medical trivia FFFF…introducing Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 214.

Question 1

Who first described the phenomenon of malignant hyperthermia?

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  • Michael Denborough

Question 2

Fox’s Sign is not Fox’s Sign! See the correct answer below as Mike Cadogan slowly corrects the wrongs of Wikipedia (and my FFFFs) and the phenomena of “copy and paste”?

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  • Fox’s sign was thought to be: Bruising over the inguinal ligament that occurs in acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. Named after the the dermatologist George Henry Fox according to Wikipedia. However, George Henry Fox never described this sign but instead “Apocrine miliaria” along with John Addison Fordyce.
  • A chronic itchy papular condition occurring in areas of the skin with apocrine glands especially the axilla of young women. Chronic blockage of the sweat gland ducts with a secondary, non-bacterial inflammatory response to the secretions and cellular debris in the cysts.
  • Similar to hidradenitis but without secondary bacterial infection so that no pus-draining sinuses are formed.Fox's sign

Question 3

Some months ago, whilst dancing, I trod on the outer side of my foot, my heel at the moment being off the ground. Something gave way midway down my foot, and I at once suspected a rupture of the peroneus longus tendon. By the help of a friend I managed to walk to my cab, a distance of over 300 or 400 yards. The following morning I carefully examined my foot and discovered that my tendon was intact. There was a slight swelling over the base of the fifth metatarsal bone. I endeavored to obtain crepitus and failed. A finger on the spot gave exquisite pain. Who’s landmark paper is this the opening paragraph?

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  • Sir Robert Jones
  • Describing the eponymous Jones fracture he sustained whilst at a dance.
  • FRACTURE OF THE BASE OF THE FIFTH METATARSAL BONE BY INDIRECT VIOLENCE – the article includes X-rays  of his own foot.

Question 4

What evidence is there that Sir William Osler was a pimp?

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  • Eye witness testimony:
    “Rounded with Osler today. Riddles house officers with questions. Like a Gatling gun. Welch says students call it ‘pimping.’ Delightful.”
    – Abraham Flexner

Question 5

What was tested on orphans and condemned felons in Newgate before being given to the Royal family?

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  • Inoculation against smallpox.
  • Charles Maitland was granted the royal license to perform a trial of variolation on six prisoners in Newgate on August 9, 1721. The prisoners were granted the King’s favor if they submitted to this experiment.
  • All prisoners survived the experiment, and those exposed to smallpox later proved to be immune. [Reference]

Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 214
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