Episode 18: Dry Land Drowning

What is a “Dry Land Drowning”? Acute Pulmonary Edema! We’ll cover the pathophysiology of pulmonary edema as well as the pulmonary lymphatic system. The focus of this podcast was originally primarily on high dose nitroglycerin administration as well as dissuade providers from using therapies known to significantly worsens outcomes.


High Dose Nitroglycerin

Systolic BP > 120 mmHg – 1 tablet – 0.4 mg
Systolic BP > 160 mmHg – 2 tablets – 0.8 mg
Systolic BP > 200 mmHg – 3 tablets – 1.2 mg
Repeat dosage every 5 minutes, titrated to current blood pressure.



Nitroglycerin: Good
High Dose Nitroglycerin: Best
Late CPAP: Good
Early CPAP: Best
Furosemide: Bad
Morphine: Bad


For a down to earth, simple, and visual presentation on Pulmonary Edema with renown Cardiologist, Dr. Amal Mattu, check out this video of his presentation at Resuscitation Conference in 2014…


Show Notes

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