Podcast #75 – Single Coverage ED with EMPA Aaron Inouye


Working in emergency medicine is always a challenge, but when you work solo it can make you feel like a lone wolf.  In reality, there is always help somewhere.  New grad and EMPA Aaron Inouye is in a relatively unique scenario.  Not only does he work in the challenging environment of a single-coverage EM provider, he does so as a new graduate.  Listen to this interview no matter your career as you may find some fascinating pearls you were not expecting.
Initially when hearing about Aaron’s position, there was skepticism and many probably think the same just reading the introduction.  In reality, as a young EMPA he actually has great support but it is not directly on site in most cases.  However, he specifies that especially at the beginning of his training he was very closely monitored and he knows how to get help.  It is important no matter who you are that you do not practice outside of your skill set.  That is true no matter the initials behind your name.  The interview with Aaron though is captivating to understand the amount of trust and respect he has received in his new and challenging role.

There is surprisingly little discussion about solo coverage departments elsewhere on the web, but most of it does focus on using PAs and NPs for the roles.  You can read examples from ACEP, CALS, and George Washington University to name a few.

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