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Welcome to the 314th LITFL Review! Your regular and reliable source for the highest highlights, sneakiest sneak peeks and loudest shout-outs from the webbed world of emergency medicine and critical care. Each week the LITFL team casts the spotlight on the blogosphere’s best and brightest and deliver a bite-sized chunk of FOAM.

The Most Fair Dinkum Ripper Beauts of the Week

Nick Cummins

The Bottom Line has a comprehensive review on the role of steroids in sepsis – where we’ve been and where the data guides us now. A fantastic review to make part of your critical care library. [AS] 

Incredible talk from Diane Birnbaumer on the struggles, successes and rising challenges women face in medicine via the FeminEM podcast. [AS and the rest of the LITFL Review Committee] 


The Best of #FOAMed Emergency Medicine

  • Fire and Ice! CanadiEM’s CRACKCast continues to cover core content from Rosen’s, this week with chapters 141 on heat illness and 140 on accident hypothermia. [MG/MMS]
  • The EM Clerkship podcast has a great review of bleeding disorders for medical students. [MG]
  • Dr. Smith has another great ECG case examining ST-segment changes in aVL in a not so straight forward presentation. [MG/MMS]
  • emDocs has a great review of postpartum endometritis. [MG]
  • You think you know how to assess ACL injury, but if you’ve never heard of the Lever Test, read this awesome review over at CoreEM. [MG]
  • A new PEC podcast is out, focusing on the “EMS Agenda for the Future.” [MG]
  • The Journal of Emergency Medicine released their December audio summary. [MG]
  • The Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s January podcast covers multiple topics as listed on the landing page, including myasthenia gravis and compassion fatigue, and a review of recent papers. [MG]
  • The Resus Room covers a selection of recent papers for their January issue. [MG]
  • As Taming the SRU notes, it may not be the reason why we joined Emergency Medicine but it is a commonly seen complaint: conjunctivitis. [CW]

The Best of #FOAMcc Critical Care and #FOAMres Resuscitation

  • The FDA may have approved angiotensin II for use in vasodilatory shock but Josh Farkas notes that the evidence is nowhere near strong enough to support its use. Another example of big pharma pushing a new expensive drug without first proving that it actually helps patients. [AS]
  • Simon Carley presents his take on the recent consensus statement published in the BJA on Devastating Brain Injury.  If the neurosurgeon says ‘no’ then it’s not the end of the road…..maybe. [CC]
  • Take a deep dive into running a code with a great podcast (interviewing two of our own!), to supplement their videocast core content from EM Sandbox. [MMS]
  • You’re not going to want to miss this discussion of lactate myths from the sepsis soothsayer, Paul Marik, part of the iSepsis series at EMCrit. [RP]
  • Velia Marta Antonini, ECMO specialist extraordinaire, shares a year’s worth of ECMO research with us. Enjoy the read! [SO]

The Best of #FOAMtox Toxicology

  • Change your thinking of when and how to use use activated charcoal in potential overdose. [MMS]
  • The Best Tox Readings of 2017 is out. Check out The Poison Review’s 8th annual Alexander Awards. [MMS]

The Best of #FOAMus Ultrasound

  • Just how good is Tracheal #POCUS to confirm ETT placement? [CMD]
  • The Ultrasound Podcasts this week focuses on doing the basics well, reviewing how to scan the aorta. [MG]
  • Ultrasound to guide Blakemore tube placement for a massive GI Bleed? Yes! Check out the latest videocast from 5minSono. [MMS]

The Best of #FOAMpeds Pediatrics

  • Can you recognize and manage pulmonary hypertensive crisis in your pediatric patient? Check out this review at Pediatric EM Morsels. [RP]
  • Ovarian torsion is the MI of the pelvis, and is the subject of this month’s Pediatric Emergency Playbook podcast. [MG/MMS]

The Best of #FOAMim Internal Medicine

  • From the Louisville Lectures: Ventilation 101. [ML]

The Best of #FOANed Nursing

  • With the busy winter season, check out these seven strategies to improve patient flow to improve patient flow in your ED. [MMS]

The Best of #MedEdFOAM and #FOAMsim

  • A new episode of the RAGE podcast is all about performance psychology, and the use of simulation by elite performers, from our own Chris Nickson. [MG]
  • Go beyond words and start practicing the skill of active listening to become a better communicator. [MMS]

News from the Fast Lane

  • Andrew Davies takes us through the first of a two part series of the best moments of 2017 in the Mastering Intensive Care Podcasts. With such excellent guests this is a must listen. [SO]

Reference Sources and Reading List

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  • #FOAMed – #FOAMcc – #FOAMres #FOAMped – #FOAMtox – #FOAMus – #FOAMim – #FOANed

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  • Anand Swaminathan [AS] (EM:RAP, Core EM,REBEL EM and The Teaching Institute)
  • Chris Connolly [CC] (RCEMFOAMed, FOAMShED)
  • Chris Nickson [CN] (RAGE, INTENSIVE and SMACC)
  • Cian McDermott [CMD] (POCUS Geelong, SMACC)
  • Craig Wylie [CW] (BadEM)
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LITFL Review 314
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