24 minute lecture: The False STEMI Non-STEMI Dichotomy from SMACC-Chicago: now online again

This is a lecture I gave it at Social Media and Critical Care Conference in Chicago (SMACC-Chicago) in June 2015.

It’s title for the conference was “Myocardial Infarctions you must not miss!”

This Lecture is more aptly entitled: The False STEMI Non-STEMI Dichotomy.

The lecture had been offline for a while, but is back up!!

There is a lot of new data that further supports the ideas in this lecture, which is now almost 3 years old, but it is still very worth watching.

The False STEMI Non-STEMI Dichotomy.

Myocardial Infarctions You Must Not Miss! – Steve Smith from Social Media and Critical Care on Vimeo.

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