Month: January 2018

Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 222

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ECG of the Week – 22rd January 2018

The following ECG is from a 78 yr old female who presented to the Emergency Department with a history of progressively worsening dysponea and peripheral oedema. Her past medical history includes ischaemic heart disease and hypertension. Click to enlarge Things to think about What are the key ECG abnormalities ? How could you improve the

I was texted this ECG: “Middle-aged male with Prehospital Cath Lab Activation”

A physician caring for his new arrival, a 50-something with acute chest pain and dyspnea and syncope, texted me this initial ED ED ECG.  The computer read was “Marked ST Elevation, ***Acute MI***”  No previous ECG was available. What do you think?Computerized QTc = 399 ms My response was: “Normal variant” Question: “De-activate cath lab?”

24 minute lecture: The False STEMI Non-STEMI Dichotomy from SMACC-Chicago: now online again

This is a lecture I gave it at Social Media and Critical Care Conference in Chicago (SMACC-Chicago) in June 2015. It’s title for the conference was “Myocardial Infarctions you must not miss!” This Lecture is more aptly entitled: The False STEMI Non-STEMI Dichotomy. The lecture had been offline for a while, but is back up!! There