Month: January 2018

ST elevation in aVL with reciprocal ST depression in the inferior leads

Written by Pendell Meyers A male in his 50s with history of thyroid cancer was brought to the Emergency Department after being found minimally unresponsive with sonorous respirations on his couch at home. Blood glucose level was 76 mg/dL. EMS administered naloxone, which was followed quickly by hyperventilation but no improvement in mental status. EMS

50 Year Old Male: Chest Pain, Hypotension, Pulmonary Edema

Physician and cardiovascular fellow Dr. Musa A. Sharkawi shared this ECG on Twitter (@MusaSharkawi) and has graciously allowed us to reproduce it here. A 50-year-old male presents with a chief complaint of abrupt-onset severe chest pain. He is pale, diaphoretic, and ill-appearing—in moderate respiratory distress with extensive biateral crackles and a low blood pressure. Further

ECG of the Week – 8th January 2018

The following ECG is from a 31 yr old female who is 5 days post-partum she was brought to the Emergency Department following a episode of collapse. On arrival to the Emergency Department she was hypotensive ( Systolic BP ~80 mmHg) with an altered conscious level complaining of chest pain and headache. Click to enlarge

“This is not a Subtle ECG, right?”

A reader texted this ECG without any clinical information, with the question: “This is not a Subtle ECG, right?” My response:“No!  Activate!” The reader reported that this ECG was not recognized as abnormal and that he himself had found it at the doctor’s station shortly after it was recorded.  The reader was concerned about the