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A project I’m excited about this year is the ALiEM Faculty Incubator programme. I’m going to join the team as a guest mentor, and I anticipate learning far more than I teach!

This is what it’s about:

The ALiEM Faculty Incubator is a year-long professional development program for educators, which enrolls members into a mentored digital community of practice. This small, 30-person, exclusive community will stoke the fires of creative engagement through mentorship and collaboration. We aim to strengthen your educational skills and produce tangible works of scholarship. Our goal is to construct a curriculum, delivered to you in a closed digital platform, and help you launch and accelerate your career development.

If you want to be a successful, scholarly leader in health professions education, we hope to work with you to acquire the skills and knowledge required to be a superstar educator in the 21st century.

So far, the programme has been remarkably successful. Succesful at developing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed by a modern Clinician Educator (regardless of specialty). Successful at producing tangible, scholarly output. Successful at creating a real community that works. The latter, in particular, is no mean feat.

Applications for joining the 2018-2019 ALiEM Faculty Incubator programme are still open – but if this sounds like the thing for you, you need to be quick and get your application in by February 18th 2018.

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The ALiEM Faculty Incubator
Chris Nickson

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