“What Would You Do?” Wednesday – SCUBA plus Chest Pain = Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day!  I find people fall into two categories; you either love Valentines Day because you’re sentimental, or you feel Valentines Day is a commercial holiday foisted upon society by card companies to increase sales.  I find myself in a third category; I generally work on Valentines Day, and my wife and I have a date night whenever we can fit it in.  Today is no exception; I’m teaching an AMLS class today.

But, it’s also Wednesday, which means its time for another video scenario.  Take a look at this!

So, the story is that while diving, this individual began experiencing severe, recurrent chest pain.  In the video description, he writes:

“Labor Day weekend, 2012 on the Gaskin in St. Lawrence Seaway. Wearing a GoPro on my mask. Pain started while swimming over to wreck, turned around and hung on line. It went away. Pain came back halfway down the deck. Stopped hang and it went away again. At the bow, like someone hit me in the chest with a baseball bat. Shortened safety stop, but needed help getting onto boat.”

So, you’re the responder to the boat while it’s still underway (hey, it’s my scenario, I can set it up however I want).  What do you think?  What sorts of problems do you suspect or anticipate, particularly since this the patient has been SCUBA diving.  What is your treatment plan?  Let me know in the comments, or on twitter using the tag #wwydwednesday.  In a couple days, I’ll share my thoughts.

Happy valentines!

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Author: Ethan Zook

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