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So before I completely lose sight of what I had to go through as a registrar I have assembled 18 OSCE videos for you to critique, make comments and discuss with your DEMT as part of your OSCE campaign. These were completed over two days by a dedicated Melbourne FACEM team. The team were amazing to watch and I hope their skills will help you pass the OSCE. Good luck and I will think of you as I now have uninterrupted nights sleep as a FACEM and I can start talking about the ‘good ol days’ when the OSCE was over 3 days and included double stations.


LITFL OSCE Resources:

  • OSCE videos – 18 examples for you to review.
  • Tips on passing.
  • Changes to the OSCE, May 2108 onwards.
  • Past OSCEs from 2008 (still actively being updated)
  • OSCE Courses.

Need some more motivation: Al Pacino has the answer to all your OSCE revision woes:

OSCE Resources Neil Long

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