Podcast #87 – Communication in Critical Care Resuscitation with Harrison Reed


Critical care PA Harrison Reed joins us to discuss communication in critical care resuscitation by breaking it down into phases along with talking about the pearls and pitfalls when it comes to these challenging situations.
1. Pre-Resuscitation

  • Set the stage/know the field
  • Share information as early as possible
  • Set initial expectations and plan w/ contingencies
  • Plan for “worse than advertised”

2. During Resuscitation

  • Establish roles
    • Team member flexibility can add to confusion 
    • Stick to your role until team/leader changes it
    • Delegate complex tasks to sub-leadership
    • Can use methods such as nurse led codes and well established teams
  • Close the loops
  • Record and time-keep as you go
  • Clear instructions vs “thinking out loud”
  • Ask for input
  • End with a plan—don’t “disappear”

3. Post-Resuscitation

Pearls and Pitfalls
1. Don’t be a jerk (aka Kindergarten rules)

2. Calm begets calm—control the energy of the room

  • Direct instructions to someone, never to the air.
  • Correct errors in real-time but address education/systems errors after the crisis
  • Avoid punitive/destructive feedback; don’t assign personal blame for system errors.  Failures are opportunities for improvement.

Check out more from Harrison Reed on his sites The Contralateral and PA-C Mentality.

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