Podcast #89 – The Intubated and Agitated Acronym Debate with Tyler Christifulli


We have Tyler Christifulli from FOAMfrat back on to discuss two acronyms (we each developed one) for post-intubation agitation and sedation.  We also talk about the utility of acronyms in general.  As a fair warning, there is some explicit language in the podcast itself.  However, this is not only a great post but is entertaining and sure to help you better understand the topic.

COMFORT is listed above in the image that Tyler made for his post.

When a patient is intubated and agitated, “STOP” and think:
Sedation/Suction – Analgesics first along with sedatives; suction especially if heavy secretions
Tube – Proper placement, cuff pressure (20-30 cm/H2O), gastric tube
Oxygenation/Ventilation – Sufficient oxygenation, ventilator settings (reduce I Time and make easier to trigger breaths), humidified air
Pain/Paralytics – Check on painful stimuli such as the ETT and Foley; Paralytics are last resort and should only be a temporary measure

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