ANZICS Safety & Quality Conference 2018 and Feedback in the Workplace

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The next ANZICS Safety & Quality Conference is coming…

This year’s ANZICS Safety & Quality Conference will take place from 30 – 31 July 2018 in Melbourne. Australia and New Zealand have been world leaders in the conception and promulgation of the Rapid Response System (RRS) model of care. An impressive scientific program has been developed which will explore Rapid Response Team Training, Rapid Response Teams in specific areas and explore strategies to improve the quality and safety of care delivered to deteriorating ward patients.  Theoretically grounded but practically orientated, the program will be presented through active discussions and free papers to develop new safety and outcome initiatives. A number of dynamic speakers from various disciplines will present. The Conference focuses on multidisciplinary team activities and is suitable for critical care nurses, allied health staff and physicians. The topics presented have implications for patient monitoring and the recognition, response and treatment of deteriorating hospitalised patients.

A/ Prof Daryl Jones
Conference Convenor

This conference continues to mature and, with a dual emphasis on Rapid Response Teams and ICU Safety & Quality in general, is particularly interesting for its cross-disciplinary inter-professional relevance. The organisers have embraced that and have created an event that will appeal to trainees, nurses, and consultants, with patient care front-and-centre.

I’m lucky to be involved in what promise to be two dynamic and interactive sessions on “feedback in the workplace”. Most learning happens in the workplace and we need to maximise the opportunities. We even have Prof Elizabeth Molloy coming as one of the world leading experts on work integrated learning. The sessions are a great opportunity for all clinicians, whether trainees or trainers, to immerse themselves in mastering “the philosopher’s stone” of improved performance, feedback.

I hope to see you there.

Abstract submissions are closing soon… The deadline is 5:00 pm AEST Friday 25 May 2018.
Register for the conference soon as Early Bird registrations close at 5.00 pm AEST Friday 8 June 2018.

ANZICS Safety & Quality Conference 2018 and Feedback in the Workplace Chris Nickson

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Author: Chris Nickson

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