Month: May 2018

Handtevy ImageTrend Demo

Users of ImageTrend Elite can now seamlessly integrate adult and pediatric dosing information directly into the patient record by using the Handtevy Mobile platform. Customized medication dosing in real time with seamless documentation is the holy grail for pre-hospital professionals who treat critically ill patients. Powered by WPeMatico

Cardiac arrest #3: ST depression, Is it STEMI? or it he an ACCESS Trial Candidate?

A patient with unwitnessed arrest received a shock from the AED (presumably ventricular fibrillation).  He underwent extensive resuscitation, was transported in full arrest, and arrived still in V Fib. He was receiving chest compressions on the LUCAS device. We placed a Transesophageal echo, as we do on all arrests. Just after TEE was placed, he