Podcast #101 – The Last 100 Podcasts and a BIG Announcement


The last 100 podcasts has been a major milestone.  Now that we are in the triple digits, it is worth reviewing some of the highlights from the first 100 episodes.  Also, we have a major announcement to share!
Since June 2016, we have been sharing Free and Open Access Medical Education (#FOAMed).  The first few podcasts were a little rough, but we have grown.  Our guests have been varied, but both our (essentially) first and most recent podcasts being with Ken Milne from The SGEM

Some of our previous guests from early on will be coming back to give us updates.  One of them will be Jim DuCanto who has become quite the world-renowned individual for his innovative SALAD technique.  If you have not seen his content on our podcast, check out Podcast #8 and #9.  Other guests like Michelle Perkins continue to return to help share their knowledge.  We thank all of them for their role in helping share medical knowledge to our growing community.

As we move forward, we plan on keeping up our format for the weekly blogs and podcasts.  With that said, we are going to be getting busier though because a new company has been started called Practical POCUS.  Check out the website to learn more, but we are an ultrasound training group based in the United States teaching POCUS to clinicians in all settings.  We will mostly be working with organizations such as hospitals, staffing agencies, and more but there will also be upcoming opportunities where we teach classes that will be open to anyone.

We thank you all for your continued support.  Please continue to give us feedback and please consider giving us a five star review.  It only takes a few seconds.  Also, make sure to share it with your friends and colleagues.  If you like the content, they probably will too!  You can also contact us on Twitter or Facebook.  Remember to look us up on Libsyn and on iTunes.  If you have any questions you can also comment below, email at thetotalem@gmail.com, or send a message from the page.  We hope to talk to everyone again soon.  ​Until then, continue to provide total care everywhere.

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