Month: July 2018

An athletic 30-something woman with acute substernal chest pressure

Post by Smith, with short article by Angie Lobo (, a third year intermal medicine resident at Abbott Northwestern Hospital CaseA 30-something woman with no past history, who is very fit and athletic, presented with 1.5 hours of substernal chest pressure.  It was non-radiating and without other associated symptoms except for nausea.  She had zero CAD risk factors. Here

LITFL Review 342

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Chest pain and T-wave inversion in lead V2

This is the ECG of a young man who complained of chest pain. Here is the computer interpretation:ATRIAL FLUTTER/TACHYCARDIA (this is obviously incorrect)LEFT POSTERIOR FASCICULAR BLOCK [QRS AXIS greater than 109, INFERIOR Q]MODERATE ST DEPRESSION [0.05+ mV ST DEPRESSION]ABNORMAL ECGI saw the ECG before seeing the patient, indeed before he was even in his room.  I