Month: November 2018

Thrombus propagation on 10 serial Prehospital ECGs: Can you explain the progression?

This patient called 911 for chest pain.  The medics did an amazing job of recording serial ECGs. Time zero Hyperacute T-wave and subtle STE in aVL with Reciprocal ST depression (with reciprocally hyperacute T-waves!) in inferior leads.ST depression in V3-V6 typical of diffuse subendocardial ischemia. High lateral STEMI [typical of circumflex or first diagonal (D1) occlusion]? 

The call of the recliner

Paramedics tend to think of our job as being quite physical. It is, but maybe not in good ways. This is my step counter, as recorded by my phone. I keep it running in the background and my phone is always on me. Wednesday to Saturday I was off duty. Sunday to Tuesday I was

Two cases texted to me for concern of inferior hyperacute T waves and a flipped T in aVL – do either, neither, or both need emergent reperfusion?

Written by Pendell Meyers I received two texts recently, in both cases the practitioners were worried about possible inferior hyperacute T-waves with an inverted T-wave in aVL. I was not given any clinical history. What would you tell the team in these two cases? Case 1 Case 2 My responses: Case 1: “Not hyperacute. The

LITFL Review 353

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