ECG of the Week – 14th January 2019 – Interpretation

The following ECG is from a 45 yr old male who presented complaining of weakness and lethargy.

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    • 48 bpm


    • Regular
    • Sinus bradycardia


    • Normal


    • PR – Normal (~200ms)
    • QRS – Prolonged (120ms)
    • QT – 620ms
      • Apparent due to T-U fusion


    • ST Depression leads I, II, aVF, V2-6
    • ‘Down-up’ T wave
      • Secondary to T-U fusion
    • Significant lead artifact in all precordial leads


    • ECG features consistent with hypokalaemia

    What happened ?

    The patient had a K of 1.4 mmol/L !! They were admitted to critical care for monitoring during replacement.

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    References / Further Reading

    Life in the Fast Lane


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