Month: February 2019

Podcast #136 – Acute Ventilatory Failure

Sam Ireland is back to talk again about ventilatory failure.  Last time, he talked about the less severe impending ventilatory failure but this time he runs us through acute ventilatory failure.  If you have not already checked it out, look at our last post for details on impending ventilatory failure. ​For this post we talk

Ultrasound Case 078

A 48 year old woman presents with RUQ pain of 3 days duration. She has had several similar briefer episodes but on this occasion it has not settled and she has developed jaundice. The post Ultrasound Case 078 appeared first on Life in the Fast Lane • LITFL • Medical Blog. Go to Source Author:

Computer often fails to diagnose atrial fibrillation in ventricular paced rhythm, and that can be catastrophic

Case 1. An elderly patient presented with a massive hemiplegic ischemic stroke of 24 hours duration.  CT stroke series showed a middle cerebral artery thrombus. He had an ECG recorded: Case 1, ECG 1: Computer: “Electronic Atrial Pacemaker.  Electronic Ventricular Pacemaker”No other interpretation.What do you think? Answer: There is no atrial pacing spike.  This is