ECG of the Week – 11th February 2019 – Interpretation

The following ECG is from a 70 year old female who was referred by her GP following an episode of chest pain.

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  • 72 bpm



  • Regular
  • Sinus rhythm 


  • Normal (-30 deg)


  • PR – Normal (~160ms)
  • QRS – Normal (100ms)


  • Flat lead II – near isoelectric
  • Complete reversal leads III, aVF
    • T inversion
    • Negative QRS
    • Negative P waves – low voltage
  • Prominent T wave lead V2
  • ST depression leads V5-6


  • Multiple abnormalities in limb leads
    • Secondary to complex lead reversal – not typical of paired lead swap
  • Prominent T wave in lead V2 with ST depression in lateral leads 

What happened ? A repeat ECG with correct lead position resulted in resolution of all limb lead abnormalities and unchanged non-dynamic precordial lead changes.Serial cardiac biomarkers were negative and the patient was discharge.


References / Further Reading

Life in the Fast Lane


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