South Walton Fire District Adopts the Handtevy System

South Walton Fire District Adopts the Handtevy System

Giving a child the wrong dose of medication can be life threatening. Now, imagine a first responder trying to save a child’s life, while also figuring out how much and what type of medicine should be given…

A local fire department is the first in Northwest Florida to use a new program that will eliminate the stress and be more accurate.

“I absolutely feel like this is going to save lives,” shared Doug Mishler, South Walton Fire District Firefighter-Paramedic.

Prompt, competent and caring response in time of need, is what South Walton Fire District strives for every day.

“We are always trying to better our EMS services,” said Mishler.

The pressure on medical professionals is all the more busy when the patient is a child and requires medication immediately.

South Walton Fire District has found a way to reduce some of that pressure. The new program is called, Handtevy.

“Once we found out about this system and did the research and realized how much better it was, we decided to to make the transition over,” said Mishler.

Instead of fumbling around with a tape measure. South Walton Fire District first responders will be able to determine the dosage of medicine based on a child’s age rather than height.

“Now, we can look up the child’s age before we even get on scene,” said Mishler.” We can make a game plan and know how much of each drug we are going to have to draw.”

Mishler explained that before using the Handtevy system, they use the Browslow program. It required a lot of math that paramedics had to do on the fly.

“It takes a lot of the room for error that was there before away,” explained Mishler.

On each on of the District provided cell phones, the firefighter will have the Handtevy App that they can use at anytime.

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