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5 Essential Steps to Managing Croup

Episode 9: 5 Essential Steps to Managing Croup Show Notes  Background Croup, a.k.a. laryngotracheitis is a common viral illness seen predominantly in children and affecting the upper respiratory tract.  While typically mild, croup has the potential to become life-threatening in some cases.  By causing subglottic edema, croup narrows the upper airway, sometimes causing respiratory distress. 

Is Bias Limiting Your Effectiveness as a Prehospital Provider?

The Ditch Doc EM Podcast: Episode 8 Bias Show Notes   What is Bias? Merriam Webster defines bias as: an inclination of temperament or outlook; especially : a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment How Can Bias Affect Providers?   Misinterpretation of Research Searching for studies that support your belief. Biased Ex 1: Dangers of Ketamine Biased Ex 2: Benefits of Ketamine

Pediatric EKG Interpretation

Pediatric EKG Interpretation The first thing providers should know about Pediatric EKG Interpretation is that a normal pediatric EKG looks, in many cases, entirely different than that of an adult.  In this episode of the podcast, we will discuss some of the basics of Pediatric EKG Interpretation. Show Notes When Do I Need a 12-Lead

Oxyhemoglobin Dissociation Curve

The Dreaded Oxyhemoglobin Dissociation Curve Few phrases bring agony to the ear quite as easily as “Now we’re going to talk about the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve”.  In reality, however, the idea behind the curve is a simple one, and one that providers of all levels should have a basic understanding of.  Check out the podcast

Lies, Deceit, and Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood Pressure Measurement and Other Tall Tales From the elderly patient who really doesn’t want to get prescribed antihypertensives to the young, motivated paramedic, sometimes the numbers just don’t add up.  Check out the podcast to get the whole story! Show Notes Reasons a measurement may be inaccurate Room Temperature Exercise Alcohol use Nicotine use

How to Pass the FP-C Exam

How to Pass the FP-C Exam on Your First Attempt Since the launch of Ditch Doc EM, and The Ditch Doc EM Podcast, I have received numerous requests for various article/episode topics.  In fact, I’ve received so many great suggestions, that I have a hard time choosing where to begin.  One of the most common

3 Things Paramedics Should Stop Doing.

Paramedics should stop doing these 3 things if they want to deliver better care to their patients.  Check out the podcast to hear all about it!   Show Notes  #1- Stop Using Orthostatic Vital Signs as a Diagnostic Tool Orthostatic Vital Signs Typically obtained by measuring BP with the patient lying, then sitting, and finally