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Altered Mental Status, Bradycardia

911 was called for an elderly woman who fell and was confused.  Medics found her unresponsive, with “convulsive” movements.  They could not find a pulse.  They performed CPR, gave epinephrine, and intubated the patient and regained a pulse, at which time she became responsive and had this prehospital ECG: On arrival, heart rate was 87

New paper by Smith: New Insights Into Use of the 12-Lead ECG for Diagnosing Acute MI in the Emergency Department

We just published this paper in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.  The February 2018 issue is on “Advances and Controversies in Cardiac Emergency Care:” New Insights Into the Use of the 12-Lead Electrocardiogram for Diagnosing Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Emergency Department It is a very comprehensive update, concentrating on the ECG diagnosis of acute

Bizarre (Hyperacute??) T-waves

Thanks to one our great HCMC nurses, Ryan Burch.  He figured this one out. A dialysis patient presented with dyspnea.  He was a bit fluid overloaded and not hyperkalemic.  This ECG was recorded: This was sent to me in a text that woke me from sleep, but not simultaneous with patient care.Truly bizarre T-waves in