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IVCD, Saddleback STE in III, with reciprocal STD in aVL: Is it pseudoOMI or OMI? Echo with Speckle Tracking gives the answer.

A 77 y.o. woman with a history of hypertension and congestive heart failure presented for acute onset chest pain and shortness of breath. She stated that she woke up in the morning with a central chest pressure with associated shortness of breath. She had been feeling well the day before. She had no h/o CAD

Computer often fails to diagnose atrial fibrillation in ventricular paced rhythm, and that can be catastrophic

Case 1. An elderly patient presented with a massive hemiplegic ischemic stroke of 24 hours duration.  CT stroke series showed a middle cerebral artery thrombus. He had an ECG recorded: Case 1, ECG 1: Computer: “Electronic Atrial Pacemaker.  Electronic Ventricular Pacemaker”No other interpretation.What do you think? Answer: There is no atrial pacing spike.  This is