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The OMI Manifesto

The OMI Manifesto A collaboration by Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog and EMCrit Pendell Meyers, MD Scott Weingart, MD, FCCM Stephen Smith, MD The current guideline-recommended paradigm of acute MI management (“STEMI vs. NSTEMI”) is irreversibly flawed, and has prevented meaningful progress in the science of emergent reperfusion therapy over the past 25 years. Dr. Stephen

Do you want to be interrupted to view what the computer calls normal or nonspecific ECGs? 2 cases at once!

Two CasesMale Patient I was handed this ECG of a 40-something male patient.  It was recorded at triage.  The chief complaint was “chest pain.” The computer interpretation was “Nonspecific”What do you think? Female Patient At the exact same time, I was viewing the computer queue of unconfirmed ECGs (read by computer but not yet overread