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Podcast #81 – Conquer the Night Shift

​​Night shift can be rewarding and some of us choose to do it all the time.  There is little to no administration, the crew tends to be more relaxed (but obviously place variant), the cases can be a bit more interesting, the patients are very different from the daytime (both good and bad), and it

Podcast #80 – “Awake and Dead” or CPR-IC

​What do you do when the dead are awake?  It is confusing terminology, but patients may develop consciousness and be alert during cardiac arrest while receiving chest compressions.  In the literature, this is often reported as cardiopulmonary resuscitation induced consciousness (CPR-IC)  The phenomenon is overall rare but reports are increasing with time.  In this blog

Podcast #77 – The 3-2-1 of Dental Pain

Dental pain is a common complaint in emergency medicine.  Often, it is seen as a non-emergent complaint and there is truth to that issue.  However, dental pain can be life threatening and has some key points we will discuss in this podcast.  The first step is to remember 3-2-1. Although we will not strictly go