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Podcast #137 – The BRAIN Exam

A while back, Podcast #70, we talked about how to perform a neurological exam.  We also spoke on FOAMfrat.  Since that time, at WEMSA we built on the subject and discussed the exam as well as its caveats.  At that time, there was not a name.  Now, we have the Brief Repeatable Assessment In Neurology

Podcast #136 – Acute Ventilatory Failure

Sam Ireland is back to talk again about ventilatory failure.  Last time, he talked about the less severe impending ventilatory failure but this time he runs us through acute ventilatory failure.  If you have not already checked it out, look at our last post for details on impending ventilatory failure. ​For this post we talk

Podcast #132 – Nursemaid’s Elbow

Radial head subluxation, commonly referred to as nursemaid’s elbow, is a common condition.  In this post we talk about how to diagnose and manage this condition in a timely and effective manner. HousekeepingThank you WEMSA for having TOTAL EM come and speak.  Make sure to check the next podcast at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin in November 2019. Check

Podcast #131 – SPOCUS Series: Logistics to Integrating Ultrasound into a Program

We are wrapping up our interview with guests Janelle Bludorn and Laura Blesse-Hampton as part of a collaborative series with the Society of Point of Care Ultrasound (SPOCUS) and Practical POCUS with this portion discussing the logistics of integrating ultrasound into a program. In both Podcasts #129 and #130 we have talked about why and how to integrate ultrasound into your educational program.