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Podcast #126 – Incidental Findings

Sometimes in medicine we find things we were not necessarily looking for when we perform a test.  We call these incidental findings.  While many of these are benign they can potentially be problematic as they can change the workup of a patient including their disposition and management. Incidental findings are frequently found on imaging but also with

Podcast #125 – Check All Images

The department is busy and you want to keep the flow running smoothly.  It is easy to cut corners when it comes to imaging.  After all, a radiologist will be reviewing those images.  If you are lucky, those images will be read within minutes of them being taken.  Why then, should you review those images

Podcast #123 – The ABCs of Bronchiolitis

Acute bronchiolitis is another condition that will start showing more this time of year.  In some parts of the country, it is already being diagnosed.  It is important to know the current recommendations for this common and potentially dangerous condition. Like many respiratory conditions, bronchiolitis is a spectrum.  It is the most common lower respiratory

Podcast #122 – Pediatric Neurological Emergencies with Lawrence Berdan

Lawrence Berdan is a paramedic who has personally experienced the importance of recognizing and acutely managing pediatric neurological emergencies.  This post discusses some of the emergencies we may see in this uniquely challenging population. Both in EMS and in the ED, we are used to the “hustle and bustle” of the system.  Lawrence talks particularly