About FOAMems

About FOAMems

This site gives simple and easy access to EMS FOAMed for all pre-hospital providers.  Here you will find a syndicated feed of Emergency Medical Services training resources in one neat package.  If you subscribe to the site, you will receive a daily FOAMems update, which includes all articles and content published the day prior.  Sign up while you’re here, we never send spam!

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What is FOAMed?

The best description of FOAMed comes from Life in the Fastlane Medical Blog:

“FOAM is a collection of resources, a community and an ethos. The FOAM community spontaneously emerged from the collection of constantly evolving, collaborative and interactive open access medical education resources being distributed on the web with one objective — to make the world a better place. FOAM is independent of platform or media — it includes blogs, podcasts, tweets, Google hangouts, online videos, text documents, photographs, facebook groups, and a whole lot more.”

LITFL has an entire article about FOAMed and its creation which you can read here.

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Emergency Medical Services Training

It does not matter if you have been a Paramedic for 30 years, or you became an EMT yesterday, FOAMems is for you.  Years ago, passing information took time, today information transfer occurs worldwide in an instant.  Staying abreast of the newest techniques, procedures, and research has never been easier, or more difficult.  We are hit with so much information to filter through on a daily basis, it’s quite difficult to keep up with!  FOAMems, sorts through the weeds for you, and delivers the most up-to-date EMS training and education in one neat package.

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Content Creators

Are you a creator of FOAMems content?  If so, contact us using the form below.  Provide the details of your blog/page/site and we will add it to the feed!  Sharing information helps all of us to become better providers.  By sharing your content, you will greatly contribute to the community!  Want to become a content creator but don’t know how to start?  Fill in the contact form below and we will point you in the right direction!

Emergency Medical Services Training
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Educators involved in Emergency Medical Services Training will benefit from FOAMems!  Here you can stay on top of the latest trends and perspectives in EMS.  FOAMems is also an excellent resource for your students.  Daily updates from the site immerse your students in the culture of evidence based practice.  This immersion will allow students to expand their knowledge, and develop professionally.

Emergency Medical Services Training
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If you are a student who is enrolled in an Emergency Medical Services training program, FOAMems is for you!  Getting in the loop with current research and techniques early is a great way to develop professionally.  Another benefit of FOAMems is the networking.  By networking with, and getting to know others in the FOAMems community, you will develop professionally.

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