The ALiEM Faculty Incubator

LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical BlogLITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog – Emergency medicine and critical care medical education blog A project I’m excited about this year is the ALiEM Faculty Incubator programme. I’m going to join the team as a guest mentor, and I anticipate learning far more

New paper by Smith: New Insights Into Use of the 12-Lead ECG for Diagnosing Acute MI in the Emergency Department

We just published this paper in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.  The February 2018 issue is on “Advances and Controversies in Cardiac Emergency Care:” New Insights Into the Use of the 12-Lead Electrocardiogram for Diagnosing Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Emergency Department It is a very comprehensive update, concentrating on the ECG diagnosis of acute

ECG of the Week – 12th February 2018 – Interpretation

The following ECG is from a 12 yr old male who presented to the Emergency Department following an episode of palpitations and near-syncope. he has no past medical history. Click to enlarge Rate: x Rhythm: Regular Axis: Normal (-33 deg) Intervals: PR – Normal (~200ms) QRS – Normal (100ms) QT – 400ms (QTc Bazette 380-400 ms) Additional:Distinct QRS morphology Interpretation:What

Podcast #81 – Conquer the Night Shift

​​Night shift can be rewarding and some of us choose to do it all the time.  There is little to no administration, the crew tends to be more relaxed (but obviously place variant), the cases can be a bit more interesting, the patients are very different from the daytime (both good and bad), and it