A 70-something woman with syncope and a wide complex

This case was written by Andy Lichtenheld (https://twitter.com/ALichtenheld), a really smart 2nd year resident here at our Emergency Medicine program at Hennepin County Medical Center.  Here is some shameless promotion of our residency, which was started in 1972 and which we think is second to none: Learn why our current PGY1s chose Hennepin. (PDF) Learn why our current

A 30-something woman with chest pain and h/o pulmonary hypertension due to chronic pulmonary emboli

A 30-something woman with known history of pulmonary hypertension due to chronic pulmonary emboli presented with 12 hours of substernal chest pain. Here was her ED ECG: What do you think? This precordial T-wave inversion is typical of right ventricular hypertrophy (RVH).  However, most other features of RVH are not present.  There is an incomplete

Dynamic Risk for Intelligent Fire Move-Ups

Planning for the placement and staffing of fire apparatus, either in a fixed location or for a temporary move-up position, involves the comparative evaluation of community risk for each alternative. Unfortunately, our typical understanding of risk is skewed and outdated. Basing operational decisions on inadequate data leads to choices that can be inefficient, ineffective and

Split-Second Destination Decisions

This past Sunday night about 2245 hours, a Detroit police officer was shot in the head while responding to a domestic violence call. The Detroit Free Press, in an article identifying the shooter, reported that the incident happened at an apartment complex in the vicinity of the 10000 block of Joy Road near Wyoming Avenue on

Hold A Lot of Hands

Hold a lot of hands…Demonstrate compassion & empathy…Deploy overwhelming kindness. We need less trauma jockeys in EMS…we need more hand-holders. The post Hold A Lot of Hands appeared first on MedicNerd.com. Powered by WPeMatico